Texas Bison Assn Joins Texas Wildlife Association

TBA Director Jay Barksdale initiated attention by the TBA board to the prospect of an Allied Membership with the Texas Wildlife Association. Many large-scale landowners exist within the membership ranks of the TWA and many are predisposed to keeping their scenery native. It was unanimously decided that sound logic could be applied to an alliance with the TWA for the purpose of enacting the TBA's educational mission, as well as the potential for connecting Texas bison producers directly with interested TWA landowners.

During the seminar portion of our 2012 Texas Bison Conference held in Lubbock, we heard about the growing possibility of the need for native grazers on properties owned by TWA members in a talk given by Shawn Vickers with Kiva Consulting. Shawn also authored a feature article in the 2012 Texas Bison Journal entitled 'Amazing Graze' which referred to the same line of logic.

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