Rob Denkhaus - Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge

Rob got his start with bison when he came to the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge (FWNC&R) in 1997 with a background in wildlife management and several years of experience working with exotic hoof-stock in a zoo setting. Naturally he became the primary bison handler a year later when the center got their first handling system.  By 2005, Rob designed and built a much larger and improved handling system and took over as herd manager a year later.  Says Rob,  "Eight years of study and hands-on experience is just about the right amount of time to fully understand how little you know about bison."

A decade later, he's now Director of the FWNC&R, and searching for his replacement as herd manager which will allow Rob to take a retrospective look at what he  accomplished as bison herd manager.  The herd grew from a low of six to over 30 prior to our spring surplus sales.  FWNC&R has had no major health issues.  And, most importantly, the bison herd, which was a funding sink in 2005 with considerable amounts of money being spent on range cubes and hay, is now a sustainable exhibit for the Refuge that attracts thousands of visitors and benefits our land management efforts on the 210 fenced acres as well as approximately 200 additional acres that benefit from hay cutting operations.

Rob also was elected to the Texas Bison Association board of directors this past May, where he will share his expertise and time to further the misson of the TBA.


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